Monday, February 23, 2009

AKSHARBODH - Symphony with Calligraphy

‘EVERY ALPHABET HAS ITS OWN MEANING, ITS SIGNIFICANCE.’ This was the most important thing understood when I was going through the books and studying those alphabets. It is really amazing to know that these alphabets speak with you. 
They are integral part of our lives, but only thing we have to do is know them, see them and above all experience them. There are hundreds and thousands of letters around us. Some are really good to see, they are graceful. Some do not fulfill this sense, some letters make you sad, some letters make you feel good. If you carefully look at the things when you are working with Devnagari, every time you write something, every time you find something new. That comes from your within. Experiencing these alphabets is not an easy task. You must know your self to know these alphabets. Because some or the other way these alphabets or letters touches your emotion and the same thing comes out on paper. No matter if it is in the form prayers written by saint Tukaram or simply composition with beautiful play of alphabets. 
‘Aksharbodh’ is tiny part of this infinite world of letters that tell you about our ancient scripts and languages. I dedicate this small piece of work to my teacher, Mr. Kiran Shah, who helped me to accomplish this task with valuable information on Devnagari. I also thank my source of inspiration, Mr. Achyut Palav, whose book worked as the back bone this small piece of work.


Calligraphy makes you know a lot. Every word, every character has its own meaning. Its not only about beautiful writing. Its about understanding your relation with every alphabet you write. Its about getting in rhythm with alphabet, word and the complete sentence. Poetry of characters is Calligraphy. Its beautiful.


  1. Hi. I am proud to b the first one to comment on my genius friend's work .mujhe kabhi nahi laga tha that calligraphy cud be so hav opened my eyes to a new artform.
    photos are good too. gr8 eye for detail.
    God bless.

  2. marvalus beautiful i haven't any word

  3. as usual.simply amazing creativity.sirf no.2 is not my taste but the OM one is brilliant. :)

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  5. Thanks Ripple, Your comment is valuable... Cheers..